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About Us

     We are family owned and operated manufacturing business located in Deerfield Beach, FL.  known for our ORIGINAL Weed-Less Rigged Squid and trolling baits est. 1988! 

      We rig our baits using only the best materials including AFW Tooth Proof wire and  Mustad hooks.

      We rig a wide variety of baits including several sizes of Bonito strips rigged or unrigged. Make sure to look for the strips on the black trays & our card for your catch ratio to increase. 

     We also offer Sword Baits including Snakehead  & Bonito. Our Sword baits are rigged on #300lb mono with #10 S Mustad big game hooks.

     We source local fresh baits depending on the season and availability. Our sea witches and flash witches are hand made by two different local creators.

     Stop by your favorite local tackle shop or Marina ask for

Sea Spook Baits 

We offer Local Deliveries and ship Nationwide! 

     PH:954-415-5224             Email:

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